In order to further enhance the vitality of the young employee team, enhance team cohesion, let everyone release the pressure of work and life outdoors, and improve the physical and mental health of young employees. On May  16,  Qingdao Lusafe  organized young employees to carry out outdoor expansion activities in the Xixi South Wetland. A total of 34 youth league members from various departments participated in the event.

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The coach first led everyone to a warm-up game, a simple mini-game to bring everyone together and enhance mutual trust.

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The next team battle divides all the personnel into two teams, chooses the captain, takes the team name, sets the team song, slogans…

Through games such as Land Wars, Tower of Hanoi, and live-action CS, it not only enhanced the communication and interaction among young employees, but also fostered the feelings among young employees, but also cultivated the teamwork and collaboration capabilities of young employees and strengthened team integration Strengthen the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the young employee team.