Annual meeting

Annual Meeting–Concentric, Win-Win, One Family

On January 11, 2020, the annual meeting of Qingdao LuSafe Protective Tech. Co., Ltd was grandly held.

First, Mr.hou, general manager of the company, introduced the company’s achievements in 2019. Disposable protective clothing,  the sales have increased by 30% over last year. All other safety and labor protection products have increased significantly from last year.

Secondly, In 2019, a large number of outstanding employees emerged from the company. Among them, they are either diligent and dedicated in their work; they have outstanding work and contribute to the company’s R & D / performance; or they have played a good role in company management as core managers. In recognition of these outstanding workers, excellent management awards / management stars, special contribution awards / contribution stars, outstanding employee awards / dedication stars, best progress awards / progress stars, best newcomer awards / newcomer stars Reward outstanding employees and issue bonuses.
In addition, the company set up the ” love parents award” to recognize outstanding employees who filially respect their parents.

Qingdao lusafe protective tech. co.,ltd

Part III: Dinner
During the dinner, performances, games, and draws took turns. With the drawing of the third prize, second prize, first prize, special prize, and cash prize, the climax of the dinner waved up. The gala dinner not only brought laughter and laughter to everyone, but also brought colleagues closer to each other. The games and personal talent performances of the company’s leaders and employees interacted with the company’s culture and exciting lottery activities. Applause, laughter, and cheering were always wavy on the venue, showing the warmth of the family of LuSafe.

Qingdao lusafe protective tech. co.,ltd

Happy New Year.