What does a one-time protective suit mean in your eyes?
It means safety.
In your eyes, what does the earthquake mean?

It means disaster: the home is destroyed and the loved ones die.

If you ask me, what is the most important thing in the world?
The children in the earthquake-stricken area told you everything.
After the earthquake, some children lost their mothers and some mothers lost their children.
They lost their loved ones and lost love.

So, what does a disposable coverall mean in an earthquake-stricken area?
It means safety and peace after the disaster.

LuSafe sent LOVE to the earthquake-stricken areas.
LuSafe donated 5,000 pieces of disposable protective clothing to the earthquake-stricken areas.

disposable coverall-earthquake

Among them, there are 3000 pieces of protective film for breathable membranes, which are used for post-disaster spray disinfection. Comprehensive anti-epidemic killing of rescue areas, crowd accommodations, and rescue force resettlement sites.
It can also be used for the treatment of post-disaster livestock, spraying disinfectant to prevent animal epidemics and zoonotic diseases.

disposable coverall,earthquake

2000 pieces of SMS protective clothing for dust proof.
In the eyes of SPS, all those who do these jobs are living people, not machines. There are fathers and fathers in their homes, and there are wives and children.
Concerned about disaster relief work after the earthquake and rebuilding homes.