On December 24, 2020, in the atmosphere of Christmas, members of the big family of Qingdao Lusafe Protective Tech Co., Ltd. held a dinner party, Let’s see how lusafe’s lovely staff have fun at Christmas~

Around four o’clock in the afternoon, the members of the dinner party came to the company early. Leave your name on the signature wall to receive the Christmas apple. In China, an apple on Christmas Eve means peace.

Disposable protective coverall factory

disposable protective coveral factory 3

Christmas is coming quietly, Lusafe sales staff all line up in an orderly way to pick up gift numbers~

Look, everyone is excited to receive the Christmas presents they have drawn, with a smile of surprise.

Take a look at the special collection of our little friends’ gifts ~ gifts prepared by every colleague. Full of heart~~

Everyone is sharing joy with each other, sharing happiness, sharing the mood of harvest~

Happy smiles are blooming, happy songs are sung; auspicious snowflakes are flying, melodious bells are floating; Christmas gifts are being exchanged, and holiday blessings are being delivered~ On this warm day, different happiness and beauty are delivered!

disposable protective coveral factory (2)

disposable protective coverall factory (2)

isposable protective coverall factory (1)

For the dinner, everyone chose hot pot, a popular way of cooking. Just simply process the ingredients and put them in the hot pot.


I wish you all a Merry Christmas~Happy family~