Type: Disposable Paint Suit Coverall
Size: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, customized size
Place of origin: Shandong, China
Delivery port: Qingdao, CN.
Fabric weight: 50-65 GSM, as per request
Color: white, blue (popular color)
OEM: Yes
Sample: could be provided for free
Packing: 1 pc / poly bag, 50 pcs/ carton ( customized)
Carton size: 48 cm *31 cm *50 cm (19 *12 *20 inches)
MOQ: 2000 PCS
Loading QTY: 15000 pcs/ 20’ container, 35000 pcs /40’ high cube
Supply ability: 6000 pcs / day
Lead time: 30 days after deposit

Item Disposable Paint Suit Coverall
Material SMS
GSM 50-60 g per square meter
Style Classic style, with hood, without boot
Application For paint
Size M —6XL
Color blue
Supply ability 6000 PCS/ DAY
Port of discharge Qingdao, CN
Sample Free
Lead time 30 days after deposit
Packing 1 pc / poly bag, 50 pcs/ carton ( customized)

In the 2015 Sao Paulo World Skills Competition in Brazil, the silver and bronze medal winners of the car painting project were all women. “Labor protection for painting operations occupies a large value in the World Championship score. In foreign auto 4S stores, employees’ occupational safety protection is generally emphasized. There are many young and beautiful women among the practitioners.”

In China, behind the rare “painters” of women, the exposure may be the health pain of the workers.

“The painting operation is definitely toxic.” Lao Yang, a painter who has been using a “spray gun” for more than 10 years in an auto repair shop in Beijing’s East Fifth Ring Road, said that the industry would not let women paint, but “how can spray paint poison the body, how to prevent it.” It’s not clear, it’s usually sniffed by the nose, the smell is affirmative, and the man is leaning against the body.”

The paint contains volatile substances, benzene, which can damage people’s hematopoietic function and even cause cancer. According to the state regulations, the concentration of benzene in the workplace should not exceed 6 mg per cubic meter, and formaldehyde should not exceed 0.5 mg per cubic meter. “The painter is a poisonous and harmful work, and the unit should provide necessary labor protection.”

Article 54 of the Labor Law stipulates that the employer must provide labor safety and sanitation conditions and necessary labor protection articles that meet the state regulations, and workers who engage in occupational hazards should conduct regular health checks.

Lao Yang recalls that he has never worn a protective mask during his homework. As for work clothes and protective gloves, it sometimes takes only one or two years. In an interview with a number of auto repair shops, the reporter found that there were very few painters wearing Disposable Paint Suit Coverall and wearing anti-virus masks. Occasionally, workers wear ordinary dust masks. Another major type of work in the auto repair industry also has occupational hazards such as arc welding and noise, but there are few workers wearing masks and earplugs.

Disposable Paint Suit

Not long ago, Lao Yang began to experience symptoms such as limb weakness, bleeding gums, and was diagnosed with chronic benzene poisoning. The doctor said that Lao Yang has been engaged in paint work for a long time and his labor protection measures are not in place. He has been exposed to a large amount of benzene or benzene-containing compounds, which has affected hematopoietic tissues and nervous system, thus causing occupational chronic benzene poisoning.

The reporter checked the “Standards for the Provision of Labor Protection Products” and found that the labor protection articles for painters should include protective clothing, work hats, work shoes, work gloves and masks. In addition, paint operations need to pay attention to workplace ventilation, rest for 10 to 15 minutes every 1-2 hours of work, and take a fresh air outside to avoid continuous stimulation of poison.

Painters are a hot job that is scarce today. According to some surveys, about 80% of the laborers in the motor vehicle maintenance industry in Beijing are migrant workers. Because the related enterprises are not strong in the awareness of occupational hazards, the labor protection in painting operations is almost blank, workers lack protection awareness, and painters occupational diseases Frequently, it did not attract attention and prevent it.