Type:  Disposable Painter Jumpsuit
Size: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, customized size
Place of origin: Shandong, China
Delivery port: Qingdao, CN.
Fabric weight: 50-65 GSM, as per request
Color: white, blue (popular color)
OEM: Yes
Sample: could be provided for free
Packing: 1 pc / poly bag, 50 pcs/ carton ( customized)
Carton size: 48 cm *31 cm *50 cm (19 *12 *20 inches)
MOQ: 2000 PCS
Loading QTY: 15000 pcs/ 20’ container, 35000 pcs /40’ high cube
Supply ability: 6000 pcs / day
Lead time: 30 days after deposit

Item Disposable Painter Jumpsuit Manufacturers
Material Microporous laminated coverall or SMS coverall
GSM 45,50, or 55,60 G/ square meter
Style Disposable coverall with hood without boot
Application Agriculture, Automotive , Biological Hazards, Cleaning Process  etc…
Size M —6XL
Color blue
Supply ability 6000 PCS/ DAY
Port of discharge Qingdao, CN
Sample Free
Lead time 30 days after deposit
Packing 1 pc / poly bag, 50 pcs/ carton ( customized)

A lightweight, breathable coverall to protect your skin and clothing from dirt, dust and splashes.

Great for decorating and gardening,paint.

Disposable coverall, protects clothes against dust and paint splashes. With full length front zip. Lightweight, breathable fabric with elasticated hoods, cuffs and ankles.

What occupational diseases are easy for painters?
The paint contains toxic and harmful substances such as benzene, toluene and xylene, and heavy metal ions such as lead, cadmium and manganese. Exposure to paint for a long time is prone to occupational diseases such as aplastic anemia, tuberculosis, and pleurisy. In addition, the chemical components contained in the paint can cause damage to human eyes and skin, nervous system, liver, kidney, and hematopoietic system. Good as follows:
1. When working, wear a disposable protective jumpsuit, wear a safety helmet, a mask, and wear gloves. Wear a vented helmet when the paint concentration is high.
2. Keep the workshop ventilated and ventilated.
3. Do not smoke, eat or drink in the workshop.
4. When there is paint on the hands or skin, do not use harmful solvents to wash, scrub with soap, then wash with warm water.
5. Wash your hands and wash your face before meals. After work, take a shower.
6. Paint into the eyes and rinse with running water or saline.
7, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of poisoning, quickly leave the scene to the fresh air. If the symptoms are serious, immediately notify the Ministry of Safety and Environment and send the doctor.

Silicosis, also known as silicosis, is an occupational disease that is caused by long-term or large inhalation of free silica dust, and is an occupational pneumoconiosis characterized by diffuse fibrosis of the lungs. The condition is shortness of breath, numbness or pain in the chest, coughing, weakening of the body, often complicated by tuberculosis. There is currently no ideal cure, and the mortality rate is extremely high. The incubation period is as short as several years and as long as 20 years.