Type: Disposable Painters Jumpsuit
Size: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, customized size, Customized pattern
Place of origin: Shandong, China
Delivery port: Qingdao, CN.
Fabric weight: 50-65 GSM, as per request
Color: white, blue (popular color)
OEM: Yes
Sample: could be provided for free
Packing: 1 pc / poly bag, 50 pcs/ carton ( customized)
Carton size: 48 cm *31 cm *50 cm (19 *12 *20 inches)
MOQ: 2000 PCS
Loading QTY: 15000 pcs/ 20’ container, 35000 pcs /40’ high cube
Supply ability: 6000 pcs / day
Lead time: 30 days after deposit

Item Disposable Painters Jumpsuit
Material SMS coverall
GSM 50-60 g per square meter
Style Hooded coverall with or without boot
Application Widely used in Agriculture, Automotive , Biological Hazards, Cleaning Process  etc…
Size M —6XL,customized size and pattern.

If you have samples, just send us the samples and we will make exactly the same product.
If you don’t have a sample, you can choose to use our version. We have a lot of layouts, and we do OEM processing for many big brands such as L. Therefore, some of our models are suitable for Asians and some are suitable for Europeans and Americans. There is always one for you.

Color blue
Supply ability 6000 PCS/ DAY
Port of discharge Qingdao, CN
Sample Free
Lead time 30 days after deposit
Packing 1 pc / poly bag, 50 pcs/ carton ( customized)

Disposable Painters Jumpsuits

Occupational hazard protection methods and precautions in spraying (painting) operations

Spraying (painting) means that people use a spray gun or a dish atomizer to atomize the paint and spray it onto the surface of the object to be coated. In the spraying operation, these highly dispersed paint mists and volatilized solvents become fine particles, which are easily absorbed into the lungs of the human body and endanger the health of the body; even if it is uncomfortable, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, Symptoms such as loss of appetite and lack of concentration can cause different degrees of toxicity to the human respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system and reproductive system. In the face of spraying hazards, how should spray workers carry out occupational hazard protection?
According to the victim site, we can classify the occupational hazard protection methods for spraying operations (painting operations) into the following five types:
First, eye protection
Before inspecting the material (such as canning or stirring), the paint may splash into the eyes and wear protective goggles or goggles. Once the spilled paint enters your eyes, rinse with clean water and seek medical advice immediately.
Second, body protection
Because of spraying or painting, the misty harmful substances have the ability to penetrate, and the particle diameter is small. To avoid spraying the mist to irritate the skin, it is necessary to wear a disposable protective clothing. The more common Lakeland MicroMax series on the market is fine.
SPS can produce the same protective clothing for you as the above brands. exactly the same. From the fabric, to the pattern, to the sewing method, it is exactly the same. Since the trade secrets are not convenient to disclose too much, please contact our customer service staff, we will give you detailed answers.
Third, respiratory protection
Avoid breathing contact. In poor ventilation, high concentrations of solvent volatilization gas will accumulate in space, and long-term exposure may cause fainting and loss of consciousness. The dust, the corrosive solution or the mist of the solvent during the grinding, and the paint mist during the spraying are extremely harmful to the lungs of the human body, especially those who have been engaged in such work for a long time. In order to protect the respiratory tract from toxic substances, be sure to wear respiratory protective equipment such as gas masks or long tube respirators in the workplace, and ensure good ventilation at the work site.
Fourth, hand protection
Spraying contains a variety of chemicals that can irritate the skin, and prolonged contact may cause dermatitis. In addition, some solvents can be absorbed into the body through the skin. When the paint spray is splashed on the skin, it should be wiped off quickly. If necessary, use appropriate cleaning materials to help remove it. Rinse with soap and water. Wear suitable chemical resistant gloves to protect your hands from paint or other liquids. Chemical resistant gloves can be selected from nitrile rubber gloves or neoprene gloves.
Five, foot protection
Safety shoes with smash-proof, puncture-proof and non-slip should be worn during work. Falling injuries can occur as a result of objects in the work environment that can cause bruises on the toes or paint on the floor. In addition, safety shoes also need to provide a good, comfortable stance for workers who are standing for a long time.

Spraying (painting) operation precautions

Disposable Painters Jumpsuit


The spraying operation personnel must be trained in safety technology, and they are not allowed to work without training; they must wear protective masks, rubber gloves, eye masks and other related protective equipment when entering the workplace.

The ventilation and purification of the workplace should meet the requirements of GB 6415, and fireworks are strictly forbidden; the painting operation at high places should comply with the Safety Regulations for the Construction of Ships at High Heights. Before the operation, all the painting equipment and tools must be thoroughly inspected to confirm that there is no problem before starting work.

During the operation, the enterprise shall set up a special person to regularly measure the oxygen content and the concentration of combustible gas in the air in the confined space. The oxygen content should be above 18%, and the concentration of combustible gas should be less than 10% of the lower explosion limit.

The painting operation in the cabin shall be operated by at least two people. If the working place is too narrow and can only accommodate single operation, the other person shall be responsible for monitoring.

When multiple spray guns work at the same time, the distance must be widened (about 5m) and sprayed in a certain direction and in the same direction.

Special coating operation, the spraying equipment and hose should be set up by special personnel. If the equipment is faulty or has abnormal conditions, first notify the crew to evacuate the cabin and be repaired by the maintenance personnel.

High-pressure jets and leaks without air spray paint can cause serious injury accidents.
a. Do not point the nozzle to others and themselves at any time;
b. Do not touch the nozzle with your fingers or peep at the muzzle;
c. When cleaning the spray gun, the pump drive source should be cut off, the pressure should be released, and the safety device should be sold to the spray gun to be cleaned;
d. The safety latch must be pinned when the gun is stopped.
9. After the operation is completed, the spray gun must be removed from the cabin in time, the workplace should be cleaned, and the remaining paint and solvent should be sent back to the warehouse in time. Do not just let it go; and continue to vent until the paint film is completely cured.