disposable protective clothing

Conclusion first:

You could use Lusafe SMS coverall ( 55 grams or higher) with or without hot sealing tape.

also, you could also use the Microporous coverall,(55 grams or higher) with or without hot sealing tape.

According to the laws of different countries, you have a lot of choices, and even in some Canadian states, PP protective clothing can,
However, in order to protect the safety of your employees, we recommend that you choose the protective clothing above.

Take SMS coverall for example:


Spunbonded Meltblown Spunbonded (SMS)

disposable protective garment factory

It provides great protection against hazard particulates with higher breathability by the latest SMS fabric technology at an economic cost, ideal for working in a warmer environment.
•Double layer PPSB improves the fabric strength, tear and puncture resistance.
• Melt-blown fabric laminated between the PPSB layers provides excellent particle barrier capabilities. The fabric filters resist 99.8% of particles of size 0.5-1 μm.
•Fully elasticated hood, ankles, and wrists, which maximize comfort and protection.
•Passes EN1073-2 for protection against radioactive particulate contamination.
•Passes EN1149-5 for the antistatic property are optional.
•Also available at tape seam for New French regulation in asbestos removal industry application, that is the SMS with hot sealing tape.

Asbestos Handling, Automotive, Civil Protection, Construction, Decorative Work, Waste Management.


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