“Mom” is the most beautiful voice in the world.
Regardless of China or foreign countries, our love for our mother is always the most sincere. We will think of the mother at the most difficult time. Legend has it that people will see the mother pick us up before they die. I think if it is true, then death is not terrible.

What impressed me the most was the World War II movie “Save the Private Ryan”. The team’s military doctors were hit. People gave him the pain of Du Lengding. Finally, he shouted “Mom, I want to go home.” , left the world.
War, go home, and Mom

On this year’s Mother’s Day, in order to repay the mother’s parenting grace, LuSafe- the disposable protective clothing supplier organized employees and invited their mothers to go to the rose garden to see the rose sea.

SPS- the disposable protective clothing supplier,

Happy mother’s day to every Mum in the world.

SPS- the disposable protective clothing supplier, I wish you a happy Mother's Day (6)