“Happy birthday to you, I wish you a happy birthday, …”, along with the familiar birthday song, on June 28th, four staff and Lusafe- the disposable coverall supplier -all family members gathered together, cut the cake, blow the candles, and sing in the laughter Wishing, a young face will smile in mutual blessing…

disposable coverall factory Celebrating employee birthday

Let the busy work temporarily slow down, everyone is immersed in this happy world. The exquisite birthday flower baskets are full of the company’s deep feelings for everyone, and the carefully prepared birthday gifts are poured into the company’s care for every employee.

disposable coverall supplier in China celebrating employee birthday

After a minute of hard work, Lusafe thanked all the family members for their hard work in the development of the company. Birthday is of great importance to everyone. For LuSafee, every employee’s birthday is highly valued.

disposable coverall china supplier

As a professional disposable protective clothing supplier, LuSafe attaches great importance to the birthday of employees and appreciates the employees’ efforts for the company.