In order to reflect the company’s concern for employees and LuSafe “baby”, LuSafe-the professional disposable protective coverall factory will issue “June 1” Children’s Day gifts for employees “babies”, and all employees who meet the following conditions “baby” can receive.
1. The employee has been employed for one month, that is, before May 1, 2019;
2. In line with the national family planning policy;
3, the baby is not more than 14 years old (inclusive), that is, born after June 1, 2005 (inclusive).

Note: Each employee who meets the above conditions is limited to one gift, and two (inclusive) or more “baby” gifts are not accumulated.

All departments are required to carefully check and check. Before 10:00 am on May 15, 2019, fill out the qualified employees and their children’s situation table (see attachment) and report them to our office for summary.
I wish the LuSafe “baby” happy Children’s Day!
Hereby notice.

SPS,the disposable coverall factory, gives small gifts to employees' babies.